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This site represents my personal journey into astrophotography (ap). I dont have the time to administer a forum or to engage in discussion about various aspects of learning ap. If you are interested in ap, I would urge you join an astronomy forum where you will get more detailed advice than I could hope to deliver however, you may have run up against some of the same issues that I will / have encountered so there may be some information on this site that could help you in your own journey.

My philosophy regarding ap is to create images of the night sky that people can relate to. This pretty much means that the images should be what you expect to see when you look at the night sky, i.e. white or coloured objects contrasting against a very dark or black sky. That means a minimum of noise (no 12800 iso !).

I aim to use free software as much as possible and ultimately to provide tutorials to help others to engage with ap in an affordable manner.



The moon taken from my backyard